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Mom, Yaseer, and team made up of innovative and experienced professionals with years of experience in homely cooking food and specialize in mixing cultures. Their work combines food science, technology, and culinary ideas to imagine the future of food. We focus on current trends and culinary insights from different cultures and create customized solutions for all our clients. Using proprietary flavor research, our team of forward-thinking chefs aims to guide the next phase of foodservice. Individually, they’ve earned respect from all of you and across the industry, but together, they’re crafting the future of flavor!

Mom (Abeda Bibi Shaikh)

Learnt traditional cooking from a very young age as the oldest sister of 9 siblings. Coming from really large family she inherited flavors and methods of cooing from her rand mother and mother and uncle very traditional way. Often cooking with her father for large gatherings. As she got married in to a large family of 8 siblings her experience enhanced as she progress as a family cook. As Arrived in US we took on smaller project to samosa .and that small step lead us to RibsnKabobs in 2014. Where she gave all of her heart and love of cooking as you can see her here day in and day out.

Yaseer Shaikh

Love of cooking for him started very young age alongside with his NANA (maternal grandfather). His grandfather used to cook traditional wedding foods in the village. He picked really large cooking utensils and knives alongside him. As grew up in two large family and getting knowledge of traditional culinary from two grandmas was a biggest culinary school was for him. As getting his close friends grew around him, they knew his love of cooking and his passion. Slowly he starts taking over weekend parties. Cooking fish at the riverbed right after catching. Cooking freshly slaughter goat, lamb or chicken at the farm or hunting for qual. All wild and out. Arrived US in 1999 right away try to pursue culinary career but gave up due to alcohol and pork everywhere he turned. Started smoking and grilling and learning from freshly made up new culinary friend circle. Yet again start taking over every family and friends back yard BBQs.

Ribs N Kabobs Idea came along in 2008. Open for you all in 2015.
Every item was in menu was tested perfected before brought up to you All.
Studying early Islamic culinary.
Very well knowledge about desi cultural food .
Still learning working hard try to come up worth something new everyday every week every month .

And best yet to come Insa ALLAH