Which Barbecue Should You Buy – Gas Or Charcoal

cooking good-flavored meat and have great patience as well. While starting with charcoal barbecue, you don’t need to resort to flammable fluids like petrol or firelighters. They are risky to use and also bring unpleasant smell and taste to your food. It’s better to get a small charcoal chimney that will help in lighting up the charcoal with only a few papers and funneling oxygen up with the coals. Put the burnt coal People love barbecue cooking. It’s a great way to enjoy free time or holidays with family. However, when it comes to grilling, there’s an age-old debate over gas and charcoal grill methods. How would you know which one is better? Let’s discuss the pros and cons of gas and charcoal barbecue to help you decide which one suits you better.

Why Buy A Gas Barbecue?

People mostly choose gas barbecue because it’s easy to use, cooks efficiently, and readies the food quickly. People often complain that gas grillers don’t provide the proper smoke that they want in barbecue, but it’s best for people who want to enjoy cooking outdoors with convenience as they are easy to handle.

Perks Of A Gas Barbecue

Most importantly, gas barbecue brings ease of use as they get ready quickly and allow you to properly grill the meat within minutes. The new gas grillers available in the market offer great accuracy, which enables you to set and change the temperature with precision, giving you better control.
The heat given to the food is even and remains consistent. Multiple burners allow you to grill and sear the food easily.
Gas grillers are best when you’ve arranged a get together of a large group of people, and you need to cook lots of food in less time. The speed and adaptability these grillers offer make the cooking process easy and fun.

Cons Of A Gas Barbecue

The gas griller provides precise heat at a certain point, which affects the overall heat that should be given to a loaf or steak of meat, except when the lid is closed. As compared to a traditional charcoal barbecue, the gas grillers are unable to provide even heat. Many new gas grillers in the market come with new features like lava rocks and ceramic plates to evenly distribute the heat, but you’ll still fail to retain heat like charcoal barbecue, and there is no way you can build a flavorful crust on big-sized cuts and steaks like you can with charcoal barbecues.

Why Buy A Charcoal Barbecue

The charcoal barbecue can adapt to many different functions and activities, allowing you to cook at high intensities as well as low. Having said that, you need to be extremely dedicated to on the grill and you’re all set to cook within half an hour.

Perks Of A Charcoal Barbecue

Charcoal barbecues are extremely versatile. The consistent radiant heat helps in searing up the food fast. In addition to that, you can also slow cook large pieces of meat like briskets and ribs to get the best flavor. The charcoal barbecue allows indirect grilling through which you can cook slowly as the heat source can be placed at the side, and it will provide radiant heat. The big space of the grill makes it easy for you to use wood smoke, choose several different pieces of hardwood, and other chips as well.

Cons Of A Charcoal Barbecue

Charcoal barbecue requires great practice as controlling heat in live fire isn’t something anyone can handle. Charcoal grillers often take more time to cook as compared to gas grillers. Moreover, these grills are relatively smaller in size. The cooking area in most charcoal grillers isn’t too spacious with no cooling shelves.

The Final Verdict

All in all, it all depends on what you prefer. If you’re super-eager to cook great food, want to practice and learn how to handle charcoal, then the charcoal barbecue is best for you. Get out and cook the best briskets, charcoal-baked spuds, kabobs, ribs, and steaks for your family and friends.
However, if you’re only looking to grill sausages and patties for burgers with less time to prepare and more people to feed, the gas grillers will best suit your occasion.
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