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Top 5 Side Dishes For Ribs – What To Serve With Ribs

Ribs are a real spotlight starter when it comes to meat-based meals and BBQs. The meat is cooked with a bunch of spices and seasonings, to make for the most delicious, tasteful, and mouth-watering meal that is packed with flavor as well as nutrients. If the ribs are cooked just right, the taste can take you straight to heaven (metaphorically, of course). Side dishes make it even better with the contrasting taste. Here are the top 5 side dishes for ribs.

1. Coleslaw with Corn:

Ribs are often served best with a side of crunchy vegetables. And what says “crunchy vegetables” better than a fresh serving of coleslaw? Coleslaw is a perfect side dish for ribs. The crunchy texture and sweet taste make it an excellent contrast with the chewy ribs. What you can do to take your coleslaw up a notch is to add some corns and tomatoes to it to add more flavor and texture.

2. Macaroni and Cheese with Breadcrumbs:

If you want a little change of pace while you are eating your ribs, what you can do is have it with a side serving of macaroni and cheese. Update your mac and cheese by baking it with a generous topping of panko breadcrumbs. The heavenly delicious combination of the crispy topping with a cheesy blast makes it an amazing partner for spicy ribs.

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3. Potato Salad with Herbs:

There are tons of dishes one can think of with which a potato salad would sit perfectly well. The globally popular potato salad is served as a side dish, especially with ribs, to add a creamy addition to your meal. Since the salad is mainly boiled potatoes and mayonnaise, it serves as a soft contrast to meat-based foods. You can add some herbs to your salad to pack more flavor in it.

4. Classic Mashed Potatoes:

When talking about foods that are majorly based on meats, one can’t forget mashed the classic potatoes. Especially with flavorful foods that leave you licking your fingers, like steaks and ribs, mashed potatoes are the highlight of the meal. The best thing about the mashed potatoes as a side dish for ribs is that it provides a delectable and inviting contrast, with the soft mashed potatoes partnering the chewy meat of ribs. Another commonly loved idea is to add your preferred type of gravy to the mashed potatoes to boost the taste by a hundred levels.

5. Roasted Green Vegetables:

When it comes to side dishes for ribs, green vegetables are quite a popular idea. Especially the crunchy green ones, like lettuce, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, bean sprouts, baby spinach, and the likes. These vegetables are commonly served as a side dish for ribs. For the best flavor, you can roast the green vegetables slightly. The roasted greens will add the perfect addition of a smokey taste and crunchy texture to the ribs that go just perfectly well with the main course.

Choose your favorite side dish for ribs from these top 5 and elevate your meal in no time!

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