Tips For A Post-Covid BBQ Party

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced thousands of people to stay in their homes for a prolonged period of time. Therefore, it is understandable that once the lockdowns ease up, people will rush to meet their loved ones. This only calls for one thing, and that is a BBQ party! This season of outdoor dining is the ideal time to host a BBQ themed gathering. After all, what is better than a chilly night, a group of family or friends, hot and juicy BBQ grilled meat, and a raging bonfire?

However, playing with fire, especially when there is meat involved is not a piece of cake. Perfecting the art of BBQ is not everybody’s cup of tea. It requires expert skills, knowledge of different styles, and loads of patience. If you master the skill of cooking well over the fire, you are most likely to enjoy a special seat of honor among your friends. If you are here to get yourself the title – Master of the flame – this barbeque season, continue reading. Below is a list of crucial tips that are all you need to win this title without fighting for it.

1. Get the right barbeque

The first and foremost step to make the most mouth-watering barbeque is to choose the right source of heat. Almost every expert suggests that one should always opt for charcoal BBQ. Not only is it the most authentic way, but it also enhances the flavor of the meat. The extra smoky flavor that you get from the charcoal is out of the world. Furthermore, you always have to use a lid when you are using a charcoal grill. That helps in trapping the moistness and taste of the meat. The lid will also help in keeping the temperature constant, which mitigates the chances of serving your guests burned BBQ. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with gas barbeques too, but it just won’t offer the authenticity that every booming BBQ party demands!

2. Choose the right fuel

In the US, people rush to get the fuel from the petrol station as soon as the sun peeks its head from the clouds. If you want to give your guests an unforgettable BBQ party, you have to armor yourself with the right equipment. The choice of fuel makes a huge difference in the way your BBQ meat tastes. There are different types of charcoal that you can use to smoke your meat. The experts advise that you always go for lump wood charcoal. This magical ingredient might look like burnt wood, but it adds the perfect amount of flavoring to your BBQ. If you want to amplify the taste of the meat, you can try adding wood chips. Cherry and applewood are a perfect choice if you are looking to add some sweetness to your BBQ platter.

3. Be patient with the cooking time

Barbequing is an art that is not for the weak. It requires a lot of patience and concentration. You always have to wait for the flames to die down. The misconception of flame-grilled BBQ will only ruin your party as the taste is never appealing and up to the mark. Always wait for coal to turn white-hot. The minute you see them grey and glowing, start grilling right away.

4. Get the temperature in control

The last element that will make or break your BBQ party is the temperature. There are many techniques to ensure that the meat is grilling in an ideal range of temperature. The easiest is to keep your hand 5 inches away from the grill and check how long you can manage to keep it there without screaming. If you can only take the heat for 2 seconds, it is the ideal temperature, and it is to be maintained until you are done with the grilling.

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