Intriguing Facts To Raise Your BBQ IQ

BBQ and grilling are the world’s most ancient and popular cooking styles and are enjoyed in every corner of the world. The USA is no exception, and it is the place that gave birth to Texan-Style BBQ ribs and the juiciest grilled burgers that is the benchmark of true American cuisine. Among a plethora of cooking methods, BBQ stands the most favorite. This fact is not just true for Americans. Grilling meat and halal bbq ribs served with BBQ sauce are also one of the most sought-after dishes in Europeans and Asians.

If you are an American and you do not have enough BBQ meat, below is a list of some interesting facts that are bound to skyrocket your BBQ IQ.

Fact # 1 Propane Is Fuel For Your BBQ Tank

Most avid grillers know the importance of propane in the world of BBQ, but for those that do not, this is for them. Propane powers most grills, and checking its concentration is crucial to avoid any unfortunate accidents. Most importantly, a lower level of propane can be extremely dangerous. There are many types of equipment in the market that can help in keeping a check on the levels of propane without any problem. Moreover, you can dodge an embarrassing situation of running out of propane in front of your guests by keeping a spare tank always on the side.

Fact # 2 BBQ – A Presidential Tradition

Barbeques are mostly seen as an entertaining excuse to hang out with friends, family, and work colleagues. In the USA, BBQ is an official presidential tradition. The 36th president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, was the bearer of this tradition that now is followed by every president of the country. He had an extreme infatuation with his home state’s BBQ, and he couldn’t resist hosting a magnificent barbeque party during his administration. From there, the first texas-styled BBQ was organized by Lyndon B, followed by Jimmy Carter, who hosted around 500 guests to his grill party.

Fact # 3 BBQ Burgers – The Most Loved Grilled Item

In a survey, it was shown that the most favorite BBQ item of the majority of the people is a good old-fashioned burger. 85% of the people show extreme love for grilled hamburgers almost everywhere in the world. The second most favorite BBQ items are steaks and then hot dogs. For Muslims, halal bbq ribs, malai kebabs, and chicken tikka are the savory delicacies of the subcontinent that stay at top of the list.

Fact # 4 BBQ – A Family Tradition

Whenever there is festivity coming, you will mostly hear people talking about how they are hosting a BBQ party with their families. No family event is complete without grilled chops and ribs. The majority of people learn how to BBQ from a young age from other family members. Thus, BBQ is an official family tradition where members gather around, listen to good music, play games, and enjoy smoking, juicy, and tasteful BBQ food.

BBQ is not just a cooking method but is more than a feeling that families, friends, and acquaintances share with each other during celebrations.

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