What is the Difference Between BBQ and Grill?

Every other day, we come across a family grilling dinner in their backyard or a group of friends barbecuing late at night. Both are methods of cooking meat for that delectable smokey taste that we all love and enjoy with a bunch of side dishes and sauces. But why do people say barbecue and grill separately? They are the same thing, right? Wrong. Barbecue and grilling are two different things, however similar. Both of them being a long-running and widely popular part of many cultures around the world, especially that of the United States of America, Korea, Pakistan, and the likes. Despite this fact, not many people are aware of the difference between BBQ and grill and think of these both as one and the same. If you are one of these people, have no more worries because here is explained all that you need to know the difference between BBQ and grill.

1. The Similarity:

Though the question in focus suggests otherwise, let us start with the similarity between BBQ and grill so that you can know why people end up confusing both of these terms as one. To start off, both of these are methods of cooking meat (often vegetables and bread too). The methods individually make a significant impact on how the meat is cooked. Moreover, it is also important to choose the right method from these two, depending on the kind of meat that you are cooking, to make sure the heat goes through properly. Barbecued or grilled meat is only worth the effort if it is cooked right.

2. Now, The Difference:

Now, as promised, here comes the question that you must have been eagerly waiting for. “What is the difference between BBQ and grill?” Well, for starters, what differentiates one method from the other is the heat being infused into the meat for cooking. Meaning, that the barbecue method involves cooking the meat on a direct heat source but with a cover. That is for the heat and smoke to target the meat from all directions. Similarly, grilling also includes a direct heat source but it is done uncovered. That is so that there isn’t too much heat and smoke intensity on the meat. This method is for less time-taking meats.

Now that you have read through everything that you need to know the difference between BBQ and grill, you can amp up your knowledge and easily be able to tell the difference between both. No, that is not only so that you can show off and look posh because you know the real difference (though a little fun won’t hurt), it is also so that you can select the right method to cook the selected meat just right. That way, it will be perfectly cooked to make for a delicious meal that suits your preferences and tastes. Despite the difference between both these methods of cooking, one thing is for sure that if done right, both of these can produce the most delicious, lip-smacking results!

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