A Comprehensive Guide To Korean BBQ Meats

It is impossible for one to not like Korean BBQ with a diverse variety of textures and seasonings that it serves. Here is a comprehensive guide to Korean BBQ so that you can get a similar Korean BBQ experience.

1. Prime Ribs:

Usually, Korean BBQ is focused on well-marinated beef, chicken, and duck meat that are full of delicious flavors and seasonings. But the non-marinated varieties like the non-marinated prime ribs are demanded just as much as the marinated ones. These prime ribs are just close to the backyard steaks that you get to have in New York. Instead of the sauce spread all over it, Koreans mostly cook the meat first then dip it into a salt and sesame oil mix to give it the rich flavor.

2. Marinated Rib-Eyes:

The marinated rib-eyes at a Korean BBQ restaurant are what test your patience and most importantly your chewing skills. The juicy marinated rib-eyes are perfect with doenjang, the soybean paste. It elevates the already delicious taste and adds life to the savory piece of meat.

3. Duck Meat:

Duck meat can be marinated in various styles but in Korean BBQ houses, they are usually served bland and barely flavored so you need to eat it with the perfect amount of veggies and loads of condiments to enhance the flavor of the meat. You can wrap up the meat into a marinated perilla leaf to get the best out of the unseasoned duck.

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4. Marinated Beef:

Bulgogi, the marinated beef strips are one of the most famous Korean BBQ meats of all time. The marinated beef is also known as the ‘fire meat’ that is usually sweet and chewy, and full of flavor. Paired with scallion salad or any other crunchy green sides, this marinated beef will leave you wanting more. No wonder why all Koreans are so in love with Bulgogi that they prefer having it in a copious amount.

5. Seasoned Chicken:

Seasoned chicken is famous at every BBQ restaurant because of how easy to cook it is. It carries a deliciously vast variety of flavors. But if you are at a Korean BBQ restaurant, you wouldn’t need to use any sauces or condiments with it as the chicken is already seasoned with tons of flavorful spices. Wrap it up in a fresh crunchy romaine leaf and you’ll have a mouth-watering snack. Nothing can go wrong with some well-seasoned chicken pieces with the perfect smokey touch to it.

6. Pork Belly:

Pork belly is one of the most loved meats when it comes to Korean BBQ. It is impossible not to find a ton of delicious pork belly ready to be cooked on every table in a Korean BBQ restaurant. The pork belly is usually called ‘sam gyeob sal’ and is mostly paired with kimchi or scallion salad. You must complete your pork belly meal with the right veggies to keep it balanced and healthy, with contrast in taste and texture.

7. The Wraps:

As mentioned above, most Korean BBQ meats are preferred to be eaten with a crunchy side or a tasty green leaf that enhances the taste even further. All the Korean BBQ restaurants serve a variety of greens that can help you create delicious wraps with the indulgent meat with different condiments and sauces.

We hope that this guide will help you know more about the love for BBQ that Koreans have. Their variety of meats and seasonings make it all even better. Try some of these Korean BBQ techniques and meats out to have a good time and meal with your loved ones.

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