A Brief History Of BBQ

Barbecue holds a considerable space in our lives. We eat it so often but have we really given it a good old thought as to where did this food origin? Perhaps, who invented the method or discovered it first? Here is a brief history of BBQ that can help you understand how the BBQ method has evolved throughout the years.

1. Stone Age:

The earliest barbecue (or barbeque) dates back to the stone age. This is the earliest when it wasn’t even termed as such. It was its simplest and bearing very little similarities to the modern-day barbecue. The earliest human species used to roast the meat over the fire, attached to sticks to hold on to and make it soft enough and decrease its firmness, therefore making it easier to eat. 

2. Mediterranean:

Thousands of years fast forward and people of the Mediterranean still used barbecue but differently. To solve the long withstanding problem of the meat getting rotten and being unable to eat, (keeping in mind there were no refrigerators or the concept of refrigeration) they started to use the smoke of the burning wood or coal and the heat to preserve the meat. The smoke used to force the flies and insects away whereas the process of grilling it made it possible to preserve it for a longer time.

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3. From Africa To The Rest of The World:

When barbecue reached Africa it helped the people who used to live in the forests and would hunt down animals and eat their meat for a living. Later on, when Africa became a colony of many European countries, slaves were exported from this part of the world to Europe, North America, and beyond. As a consequence of the former event the skills of “barbacoa” as it was called then (originating from the Taino tribe’s method of cooking meat over a wood grate, called “barbacoa”) traveled with the slaves who introduced it to all parts of the world.

4. Traditions:

All over the United States, barbecue holds the importance of a tradition because albeit the rest of the year, it is done particularly on the 4th of July, Independence Day of the United States. It is still in its most traditional most form though the tools have greatly improved as you would expect from the 21st century. There’s a grill and burning charcoal inside and above it are placed metal sticks in which you can stick the meat. All over the world, particularly in Pakistan, Korea, and India, it serves an occasion of family and friends where they all come together to eat and spend some quality time together. The preference for it is in a backyard or large halls for events containing a significant number of people.

The history of BBQ is just as rich as the taste provided by its results. Not only does it provide us with decadent meat but also with an excuse to gather around with your friends and loved ones and make the most of the time!

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