Our Suppliers

Australia Halal Certification Authority

Lamb Supplier.

Crescent Foods

Chicken Supplier.

Anoohi Meat Co.

Chicken and Meat.

Tahir Zabihah Individual Hand Slaughter

Chicken Supplier.

Local Markets

Pak Halal Meat Market, Artesia, CA

Shahnawaz Grocery, Lakewood, CA

Halal- permissible by creator al mighty

You must begin the cutting of the neck right after saying creator almighty's name with a small prayer so that the meat and our meals are spiritually pure as well. The animal is slaughtered by the neck cutting through jugular vein so that all the blood may rush out. This is also the fastest way to kill the animal and not make it suffer for long. It is also encouraged to seclude the animal while slaughtering so they do not emotionally suffer from seeing or being slaughtered in front of other animals. Animal must be alive and healthy so we are ensured we are eating healthy and fresh meat instead of eating dead meat which we may be unsure of the causes of death from week organs or sickness in the animal. Also, these are animals are fed natural meals and not treated by hormones or GMOs, therefore 100% organic.